I was a beauty supply store fanatic.  I would buy so many different products trying to find the perfect product that would do wonders for my hair.

I Am truly just an average girl...

I have been natural since 2002, but I didn't start to love and care for my natural hair until September 2013.  After 11 years of hair drama I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I spent hours researching and watching YouTube videos on natural hair and homemade products.  Within 6 months I was completely blown away by the results I saw in my pictures.  My hair finally felt and looked healthy; it was easier to manage and the length nearly doubled. I am not a cosmetologist or beautician.

I am a truly just an average girl that has curly, kinky, thick, coily, and everything in between natural hair.   

Hair Coach

Jovana Jones

My struggles...

I was very perplexed  because although I was going to salons and using the products they recommended I wasn't seeing results.  My hair didn't look or feel healthy nor was it growing.

 Are youI.N.?

 On several occasions I've contemplated shaving all my hair off because no matter what products I used my hair was dry, brittle, and unmanageable. 

Perhaps I need to go to salons that are specifically for natural hair...well, to my surprise I was still very disappointed. 

I found myself driving home from the salon and dreading the fact that I was about to spend hours redoing my hair and furious because I just wasted so much time and money.