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Not true, product making is really simple to do


Common Questions and Statements


Hair Workshops are FREE!!!

Responses to Common Questions and Statements


Yes, it is cost effective


 Are youI.N.?

Don't I need special tools and hard to find (expensive) ingredients to make hair products?


Making hair products is waaaay to time consuming 


It is actually quicker to make products than it is to drive to the store and buy products


Youtube makes product making easier than what it really is


Is making products really cost effective???


Nope!  Everyday kitchen and household items can be used...the ingredients are easy to find and the price in the long run is actually cheaper than buying store brought products again and again


Hair Workshops are informative, fun, and free!

In 1 hour you'll see how easy it is to make 5 basic products that will make being natural so much easier and enjoyable.  

Guest will help make detangler, shampoo, conditioner, gel, apple cider vinegar mix, and styling cream. 

Games, door prizes, and a hair care tool giveaway is what makes this event even more enjoyable!!!