Are there any additional perks?

1. Before and after pictures

2. Group session photo shoot

3. Princess Hair Club photo shoot

(both sessions together)

4. Royal Ball & Ceremony

(Each girl will be dressed up as a Disney Princess, receive their tiara, and certificate of completion.  This will take place the 2nd Saturday in July)


Princess Hair Club

Session 1: September - 2nd week of February

Session 2: 3rd week of February - June

PHC will not meet during the month of December 

Who can join? 

​Girls ages 10 - 17 years that have natural, ethnic hair 

Only 4 spaces available for each session.

How long will each session last?

The sessions are from 10am - 4pm

Snacks and Lunch will be provided


When will the club meet?

Princesses will meet once a week during each session. There are 2 sessions and each session is 4 1/2 months long.


 Are youI.N.?

Learn how to care for your hair when you're young, so that when you're older it'll be second nature!

J. S. Person 

What will take place during each session?

The girls will learn how to detangle, shampoo, condition, and style their hair.  They will also learn to recognize damaged hair and ends, when a trim is needed, how to properly trim, and more.