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​​​​​Loving My Natural Curls

I have used perms my whole life and never thought I would go natural, but these products are popping!! I love the way my hair feels; it's so soft and manageable. I will never go back!  
​                                    -Patricia S. Newark, NJ

​​​Loving My Natural Curls

I have been struggling with my natural hair for 2 years after my hair party on July 3rd, I have embraced my natural hair. Thank you so much for you knowledge  
​                          -Johneal D.  Hillside, NJ

Simply Amazing

​My journey with Jovana through her business Inspired Naturally was looonnng overdue!! I believe that it was August of 2014 when Jovana initially asked me to try her natural hair products. I was happy for her and what the products were doing for her hair, but I honestly didnot want to take the time to make products for my hair. It was easy for me to just go to the store and grab some bottles of ready made hair products. When I took a look at all of the items that I had to purchase in order to make Jovana’s products, I said “forget that” – LOL! My life is too busy to be mixing stuff together. I must say though, that Jovana never gave up on me. She even came up with a schedule to accommodate my busy schedule. It was April 2015 when I FINALLY decided to just sacrifice and set aside some time to try her products. When Jovana arrived on the scene at my house with her hair products to give me a demonstration of how the products would work on my hair type, my hair was not in the best of shape. It was dry and the ends were split. She took time to work the products through my hair, plus cut my ends. By the end of the demonstration, my hair was silky soft and shiny from the root to the ends. The amazing thing is throughout that entire week, my hair remained totally moisturized and soft. This has never happened in the past. Normally, only my hair ends would remain shiny and I would have to use my grease to take away the dryness as a temporary fix. I was sold on the products from day one of trying them. I also discovered that making the products was not as time consuming as I thought it would be. Using a little bit of her products truly goes a long way, so being able to save money on purchasing products is another added benefit. The products that I made are going to last me for months since I am the only one using them! I will NOT return to using my old products. When gave my old products back to me after my coaching sessions ended, I threw them in the trash. I do not regret my decision to switch from store bought processed products to organic and TRULY NATURAL products (where all ingredients are known). I hope you will give her products a try!!! You will be pleased! I appreciate you J! :-) 

-Tonya T. from District Heights, MD 


Trying it & Seeing it = Believing It!

​Until I used the home-made natural hair care products, I did not think there was a difference between using the "over the counter" products and the "home-made" products. I used the shampoo and conditioner on my (then) 7 yr. old daughter's hair and was blown away by the difference in her hair texture after using the natural shampoo; but after using the conditioner--I was simply amazed by how soft and tangle-free her hair was. I did not use (and still do not) a comb to comb through her hair. She did not cry or scream "ouch" as I was finger-pulling to separate the hair to twist it. After running out of the home-made natural shampoo, I used my back-up (store bought) shampoo--and immediately noticed the daughter did too. The texture was not as soft or manageable and as I tried to finger separate it she was screaming "ouch" the whole time. Now, I can honestly say that I will only use the home-made natural products on my daughter--even she notices the difference (now 8 yrs. old). Her hair is healthier and growing like never before!

-Ahmika I. from Lanham, MD 


Mother and Daughter Hair Journey

​Jovana's instructions are amazing, simple, and important for every person who does not know what is best for their hair. This journey, I love the homemade products because they are 100% homemade, organic and save money! Not just that, the homemade products gave us more bonding and giving my daughter independent time to do her process on her own except the style part. She is still learning!

Natural hair + homemade products= RESULTS! Thanks Jovana! 

                                                      ​-April J.W. from Hyattsville, MD 

​​Natural Hair Care Products

Love my home-made natural hair care products. Tried them the same night I made them and I can tell the difference in my hair immediately. The hair care products were easy to make with little time and I can rest assure that they are quality products without the gunk. 
​                                                      -Tosha T. from Hughesville, MD

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